Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nashville Musicians - Best of the Best

Welcome to Sunshine's Spotlight - where I'm gonna make Nashville Recording Artists shine!

If y'all never had the opportunity to visit Music City for a dose of country music, consider yourself lucky as I am bringing Nashville to you!

(Click on the artist's name to read their interviews.)

                              First up is Brett Stafford Smith, he will make you Strut Your Stuff!

                                  Next up is Chellanie Grunwald. Those vocals...wow!

                            Check out Cameron Merrell for some country music infused with the blues.

The Nashville Nobodies will be somebodies soon! 

Mark Sellers performances are a must see during a trip to Nashville!

You'll want to read Sean Rivers interview more than once!

Dustin Herring is quite entertaining!

                                       Nashville is lucky to have this Cajon player - Brad Brueggen!

Erica Rebinski - talented, witty and very photogenic!

Once you read PD Bird's interview you will want to book a flight to Nashville.

Jason Glenn is a Nashville recording artist in California. Fab interview!

Codie Prevost resides in Canada! Country music is global!

SPINN are not only talented beauties, but also twins from New Jersey.

Another cowboy from the Golden State! Check out Stephan Hogan.

Up next is an interview with Daniel Allen, lead singer of The Vegabonds.

Rich O'Toole is a country rocker from Texas. His songs are awesome!

Be sure and check out Ty March!

Emma Jane is a country artist from Scotland.

Randall Rutledge is a multi-talented country music artist.

Dakota Hurley of Sanford, Florida is a country music star!

Check out, Lauren Davidson!

Shine on, Elle Mears

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eric Church - The Chief

What more can I say about Eric Church that hasn't already been said enough? This country music superstar is a gift that keeps on giving to his fans. Hit after hit Eric continues to defy the odds and releases yet another sensational song that we all fall in love with.
Seriously, how could one not want to lose themselves into the sounds of Eric's music. Oh heck, I do...every single song that he releases is a blessing to this country music fan's ears and heart. Listening to Eric sing is like taking a mini vacation. Rock on, Chief!


If y'all weren't fans before you began reading this blog post, I hope you will be once you are done listening to these songs that will soon capture your heart as well...                                                                                            

                                                                    Record Year


                                                              Cold One

 To find out more about this defying all odds artist, also known as Eric Church visit his website.

In addition I suggest you read some random fun facts about Eric Church

In the meanwhile...We salute the Chief!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

5 Country Music Songs About Cowboys

What is country music without cowboys? That's a damn good question. From as far back as I could remember, which is pretty far, cowboys are the staple of country music. A mighty fine staple I must add. Not to discredit country music's many talented cowgirls, those fine women help keep the cowboys grounded, but alas there are not enough songs about cowgirls. Y'all songwriters should consider that the next time you are writing the next hit song.

If you are interested in finding a cowboy, I hear there is a dating site called Farmers Only that could help you fetch one. Or just check out their videos on YouTube...you'll be hooting and hollering, they are hilarious! 

First shout out goes to my favorite cowboy song by my favorite cowboy! Tim McGraw's  "The Cowboy In Me." Why there isn't an actual video of this amazing song is disappointing, but listening to Tim's voice makes it all better. This song will truly make you fall in love with cowboys. 

Oh, Willie Nelson...Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys is a classic cowboy hit that will forever live on. Willie expresses how difficult the cowboy lifestyle could be, if allowed. Cowboys have an abundance of pride and honor, they are hardworking and dedicated to their country. But, Willie not all men are meant to grow up to be doctors, lawyers and such. Yeehaw! 

The Dixie Chicks really nailed this song! While Natalie Maines may have caused a few hiccups for these awesome musicians by sharing her political opinions, that doesn't in any way stop me from listening to their music. Heck, we are all entitled to our points of view. Anyway, back to the important stuff here... "Cowboy Take Me Away" is an beautiful ballad filled with instrumental music that expresses a desire to have a cowboy come rescue a damsel in distress and to be taken away! 

Hot damn, Randy Houser didn't just create a video, he created a short film for his hit "Like A Cowboy"
This song is an emotional roller coaster! Cowboys come, cowboys go, but what a ride it must be in between. Y'all watch the video now. 

Since I mentioned riding a cowboy, how could I not do a shout out for Big & Rich's song "Save A Horse and Ride A Cowboy" This video is so much fun. Watching B&R perform the song live was even funner!!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

5 Sexy Country Music Duets

Sex sells! Unfortunately, but it does. Country music sells! Fortunately, it does. I cannot imagine life without music and the more country the better. Country music continues to gain popularity as the songs are more mainstream than old school, but as Tim McGraw once crooned, Things Change and it's all good music if you could feel it in your soul.

Now back to sex selling...here are my five favorite duets.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw - Let's Make Love This song is my ultimate favorite sexy song. The seduction and sultry manner in which Tim and Faith express their love is so hot that it could melt an iceberg! You could feel their love and admiration for each other. Actually makes me think I am intruding on their time. Well done, McGraw's. Well done!


Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood - Remind Me Someone needs to put this fire out! They are smokin' hot! It's a damn good thing that Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Mike Fisher, their spouses aren't insecure in their relationships! Wow! Brad and Carrie offer good advice to couples...often we forget that relationships need to be nurtured or else they wither, reminders serve a good purpose.


Shania Twain and Billy Currington - Party For Two Is a fun and sexy song describing what kind of party these two are wanting to throw. This song is delightful duet that oozes sexy cuteness! The video is bright, colorful and energetic which appeals to all ages. This song screams sexy especially when you pair up Shania and Billy Currington.


Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert - We Were Us Keith and Miranda together create a sensational duo who scream sex sells! Their voices blend so well together which makes this song's catchy tunes more appealing to the listeners. Their camaraderie in the video via flirtatious, yet fun moves and gestures makes watching their performance a must for country music fans. Yes, KU and ML are telling us that sex along with talent does indeed sell. 
Thompson Square - Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not Shawna and Keifer Thompson are a husband/wife country music duo who I bet got that kiss! I have seen them live twice and on both occasions their humor along with their musical talents made this song just as sexy as it sounds. Below is when Thompson Square met the Chickies during a Meet and Greet at Carl Black in Orlando.


There y'all have it! 5 sexy country music duets that will steam up the windows of any car, back seat or front...chances are you just might get lucky! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

5 Saddest Country Music Songs

Country music songs aren't all sad as some naysayers might presume. But there are some country music songs that will touch your heart and soul, these songs will make you feel the pain the words are expressing. This is not a bad thing. Life isn't all rainbows and sunshine. Life has its ups and downs.

The country music songs that I have chosen for this blog are sad to me. In one way or another I can relate to the agony the artist is singing about. 

Country music tells stories. All types of tales. For this I am grateful for country music singers and songwriters. 

Country music's saddest songs might make you cry. They might make you realize that you need a change in your life. 

Sad songs might help you mend a broken relationship or kick a bad habit. They even might make you hug your loved ones more. On the flip side they might make you laugh and realize your life is perfect just the way it is. 

Either way sad songs are melancholy for a reason, you must listen and allow yourself to feel in order to understand the meaning behind the song...enjoy the tunes! 

Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss ... For those who have traveled a path of addiction or know someone who has, this story is for you. For those who have dealt with a cheating partner, this story is for you too. For those who have served in the military and came home anticipating the warm hugs and excitement of your return, but didn't receive that warm welcome...this story is for you. This one song truly packs a punch. 

Drink A Beer by Luke Bryan ... Luke was the youngest of three siblings. He lost his older brother due to a car crash and his sister due to unknown reasons. Luke is the remaining sibling. I can imagine how he or his parents deal with the pain of losing their children/siblings. Yet, they carry on. Those who have lost a loved one can understand. I can understand. The memories of our lost loved ones stays with us and this is how they live on. This song is a tribute to Luke's siblings and to your lost loved ones also. 

Hurt by Johnny Cash ... No words needed. So much sorrow. 

Highway Don't Care by Tim McGraw with Taylor Swift and Keith Urban ... Relationships fail. People come into our lives and leave, we might never fully understand why. People just grow apart. Move on. Most importantly NEVER text and drive! 

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning by Alan Jackson ... In memory of September 11th a day that no one will ever forget. A day that was heartbreaking for so many. We will always remember where we were and the sorrowful images that we witnessed. RIP to all the innocent souls who lost their lives that day. Be strong to all the brave first responders who continue to suffer health issues due to being heroes. Godspeed. 

There are many, many more sad country songs...this blog is just my top 5 favorites.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

5 Sexiest Country Music Songs

Sexy country music songs might make you blush a bit, but I bet you will keep on coming back for more. Over and over again you will want to listen to these songs. Perhaps while just relaxing, or maybe while preparing a romantic dinner with your significant other. You might be having dinner later than planned, but food tends to be over rated at times.

Sexy country music songs make you feel better about yourself. They could help boost your self esteem and they could also help you appreciate your mate. Or, they could make you feel like crap about yourself and make you wish you had a more romantic mate. Either way...try not to be too analytical and just enjoy the moment. 

Sunshine's list of sexiest country music songs might not be the same selections as you would choose, so sit back and watch the videos...you just never know, you might learn some thing new. 

Let's Make Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill ... No doubt this song is the SEXIEST country  song! The McGraw's sizzle on screen, smokin' hot! 

Hot Mama by Trace Adkins ... Not only is this song sexy, but it sure is fun too! Now Y'all go out there and show all those hot mama's how much they are appreciated. 

Raining On Sunday by Keith Urban ... Oh heck, I don't care what day of the week it is, or whether it is gently raining or having a monsoon, this song takes sexy to a whole other level. The KU Level of Love!

Must Be Doing Something Right by Billy Currington ... Watching this video is equivalent to having a hot flash! In need of a cold shower yet?

Sangria by Blake Shelton ... I don't know about Y'all, but I feel like I am intruding on this couples private time. Bring on the wine and cheese, please.  

There you have Sunshine's top 5 favorite sexy country songs. You are welcome. Y'all come back now! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Miranda Lambert Country Music Videos

I have been a fan of Miranda Lambert since her hit "Kerosene" was hot on the radio. Her feisty attitude caught my attention and I was hooked! She was often passed by at the award shows since she wasn't that popular, but WOW has Miranda come a long way during her career span.

On April 19, 2015 she swept the Academy of Country Music awards. She won Female Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year...along with a Milestone Award and made the Guinness Book of World Records for consecutive wins of Female Vocalist of the year, her winning streak continued for her 6th win. Yet, she is so humble and down to earth she still gets nervous speaking to crowds. Seriously? She rocked her acceptance speeches. 

In 2003 Miranda placed third in Nashville Star, which was a reality singing competition. She later signed to Epic Records. For a girl who was born and bred in the state of Texas and raised by parents who were private investigators, and at times the family was living in their car, she has come a long way. 

Miranda now calls Oklahoma her home base along with her hubby, Blake Shelton. Together they are the current reigning King and Queen of Country Music. June and Johnny Cash, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at one time held this title and they wore it proudly...it is now time to pass the torch to Miranda and Blake. I believe they will also wear their title proudly. (Oops, things have changed.)

From singer, songwriter, business owner, animal activist...Miranda Lambert is a country chick of all trades. I have a feeling Miranda will continue to entertain country music fans for quite a while. Rock on, ML. 

Below are the links that lead to my favorite Miranda Lambert songs...

                                      Mama's Broken Heart

                                              White Liar

                                     The House That Built Me


                                    Fastest Girl In Town

Thank you for visiting my Cool Collection of Country Music Videos...also included are some Random Fun Facts about Miranda Lambert.